RCMA Energy

RCMA Energy

RCMA Energy participates in Oil, Gas and Electricity markets. Our core activities include trading, risk management, retail services and asset investment.


RCMA Energy is active across global energy markets. We employ rigorous fundamental analysis that underpins our systematic trading approach.

We are a leading participant in the Singaporean electricity markets. We aim for further growth in the Asia-Pacific region.

Risk Management

RCMA Energy is a reliable partner in providing innovative risk management to our counterparties in the oil and electricity markets.

We offer customised hedging and financing solutions with extensive experience in managing risk. Our capacities in oil risk include fuel purchasing, indexation and refinery margin hedging.


Retail Services

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RCMA Energy offers electricity retailing services in Singapore. iSwitch is an electricity retailer which is fully owned by the RCMA Group.

iSwitch retails to all segments of the Singapore electricity market and offers a range of highly competitive products and solutions. For more information please visit: www.iswitch.com.sg


Asset Investment

RCMA Energy is uniquely positioned to take a strategic and flexible approach to asset investments, focusing on mid-level assets that are often overlooked. We look to identify assets where we can add value, create an edge, have multiple exits and use our expertise to optimise and rejuvenate an existing asset. Our value propositions:


  • Experience: Our experience across paper, physical and retail markets gives a unique insight and edge in identifying opportunities.
  • Actively Trading: Trading in power markets provides a link to other commodities that is unique and not widely available.
  • Joint Ventures and Partnerships: We seek JV structures and partners that add value to our business. We are also in a position to invest in external projects and entrepreneurial ideas that needs capital backing or consultation.

Training and Professional Development

RCMA Energy can deliver professional and tailored training solutions for your company. Our broad areas of expertise allow us to help others leverage from our experiences in new markets and environments.