RCMA Coffee

RCMA Coffee

RCMA Group found the RCMA Coffee Division in 2011 with product origination from Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, India and Colombia. Vietnam is the world’s second largest coffee producer, behind Brazil, and the world’s largest Robusta coffee producer.


Led by this strategic insight and with a team that has 70 years of combined coffee experience, the RCMA Coffee Division opened its office in Vietnam whereby our proximity to the markets enable our offerings of valuable insights and local knowledge to meet the needs of our global clients.


RCMA Group recognizes the growing demand for sustainably grown coffee and will support various programs in the region to build and maintain a traceable and equitable supply chain.


Our Guatemala operation runs a modern coffee processing dry mill offering all specialities and the highest grades of coffee selections. We offer both Robusta and Arabica coffee to our global clients.

Our Key Value Propositions

  • Strong origination and procurement capabilities from producers across Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, India and Colombia.
  • Excellent quality control framework established by networks of experienced coffee processing practitioners.
  • Exclusive pool of dedicated agents that ensure dependable logistic services.
  • In-depth local market analysis and research leveraging on our on-ground resources and networks.

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Sustainability Commitment and Partners

RCMA Group is a partner of the 4C Association (Common Code for the Coffee Community) and is UTZ certified. We adhere to their codes of conduct and sustainability standards.


Trade Governing Bodies

  • International Coffee Organization.
  • European Coffee Federation.
  • National Coffee Association of USA.

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