Change of Registered Office of RCMA UK Businesses

London, United Kingdom, 1 May 2018 – The UK subsidiaries of the RCMA Group have today changed their registered office address to 6 St Andrew St, London EC4A 3AE, United Kingdom. The subsidiaries are RCMA Commodities UK Ltd, RCMA Support Services Pte Ltd, and RCMA Stratford Ltd.

Notwithstanding this change in registered offices, our business addresses remain unchanged in Liverpool, and Stratford while our business address in London is now on Kensington High Street, as follows:


RCMA Commodities UK Ltd
96 Kensington High Street
London W8 4SG
United Kingdom
Product: Coffee

RCMA Support Services UK Pte Ltd
Suite 4.1, Exchange Court
1 Dale Street
Liverpool L2 2PP
United Kingdom
Product: Cotton

RCMA Stratford Ltd
Atherstone Airfield
Stratford Upon Avon
CV37 8BH
United Kingdom
Product: Refined Rapeseed Oil and Animal Rapecake Feed

The RCMA Group is looking forward to continue to serve our UK customers and suppliers as we enter into this exciting new chapter.

(Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash)